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Actress | Vocalist

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Rose Kanj is a Brooklyn-based actress and vocalist. She holds an MFA in Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School and BA in Professional Music with a minor in drama from Berklee College of Music.

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Rose Kanj is a Brooklyn-based actress and vocalist. Her love of storytelling began when she was a young girl, listening to the voices of some of her greatest influences: Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, and Etta James, just to name a few. Hearing every high and low, hint of pain, and sound of a smile in their voices were her first lessons in performance and ultimately motivated her to earning her BA in Music (voice) with a minor in Drama from Berklee College of Music. After that, she found herself among a community of fellow artists that were creating and producing new works. The stories she was telling through these original plays and musicals were so inspiring and fueled her passion even more.


Her constant love of learning and growing lead her to further her arts education and in May 2021 she earned her MFA in Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School and she is currently a finalist at The Actors Studio. Knowing the importance of listening, play, and collaboration in the performing arts has also encouraged Rose to complete the comedy improv curriculum at the Upright Citizens Brigade and she is currently a member of the Funny's Improv team. Rose brings specificity, vulnerability, and joy to every role she plays, constantly living in the moment with the characters she embodies. She hopes to continue the tradition of storytelling.

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Funny's Improv Diner

Monday, December 5th

303 Broome Street NY, NY 10002

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New Place Players' Othello

February 4th - 25th

Casa Clara

(218 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010)

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Headshots by Gareth Shaw

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Actress | Vocalist
Height: 5'5" • Hair/Eyes: Brown • Voice: Soprano



The Moors

Election Day


E Minor Seventh

Time Flies

The Informer

Murder Mystery Co.

Our Town

This Is Treatment

Body & Sold

Wrestling With Freedom

Top Eye Open

The Hairy Scary

This Is Treatment

We Men

Neighborhood Pride Tour








Various Characters

Mrs. Webb


Principle Player

Principle Player

Frances Drake

Roseate Spoonbill

Ms. Caroline

Wax Lady

Principle Player

The Tank

ASDS Repertory Season

ASDS Repertory Season

Alchemical Studios

Jersey City Theater Center

Actors Studio Drama School

Actors Studio Drama School

American Immersion Theater

Footlight Club

Reviving Visions

Tempest Productions

Hibernian Hall

Hibernian Hall

Outside the Box Festival

Reviving Visions

Our Voices Festival

The Theater Offensive

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Eduardo Pavez Goye

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Jacqui Parker

Jacqui Parker

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Featured host

Folie a Deau

From The Top

Berklee College of Music

Sara Pagiaro

Tim Banker

Nicole Egidio


Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University

Berklee College of Music

Upright Citizens Brigade

The Second City

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

MFA, Acting

   Acting: Susan Aston, Jacqueline Knapp | Linklater Voice:

   Corinna May, Robert Serrell, Craig Bacon | Movement:

   Michael Billingsley, Kate T. Billingsly | Devising: Dr. Brian

   Rhinehart | Classics: Jim Elliott

BA, Professional Music, minor Drama

   Voice (singing): Peter Eldridge | Acting: Rebecca Perricone,

   Rene Pfister

Improv Comedy: Julie Brister, Chrstopher A. Scott, Joey

   Price, Monique Moses, Devin Richie

Sketch Comedy Writing 1; Glenn Earich

West African Dance, Ballroom (beginner)


Improvisation, reading music, songwriting, chords on piano and guitar, Australian accent, American Southern accent, Standard British accent, stage combat (hand to hand, falling), vocal jazz scatting, cycling, great with children, driver's license, valid passport